Our Hero Volunteers

The word everyday means normal, average, run of the mill. That reflects our members being normal people with normal jobs – they could be anyone.

But they choose to do heroic things every day.

They give up their time and personal money to train hard, maintain their skills, walk in to danger and help people when needed.

They support the charity and each other to develop better responses to emergencies.

They provide help and advice to 999 agencies and councils.

They are ordinary people doing extraordinary things, every day.

That’s why we came up with the phrase Everyday Heroes, Every Day™.

Matt’s Story

Sat at his desk, the callout alert came through on his phone.
75-year old lady missing for 36 hours. It was a Thursday morning in April.
He immediately left work and headed to the scene where he met his team.

It was one of his first real searches and he was nervous, excited, terrified.
The team searched fields and streams, hedgerows and culverts.
They spent hours on the ground looking until he spotted something.

A handbag. He ran towards it then stopped dead in his tracks.

She was lying ahead. Face down. Motionless. His mouth went dry and he felt sick.
But then she moved and his training kicked in. Assessment. First Aid. Location for an ambulance.

Get her comfortable. Get her protected. Get her to the roadside safely.
The adrenalin surged but things fell in to place. She went off to hospital.

And Matt went back to work, an everyday hero.