Fundraising Rules for Supporters

These are the simple rules which charity fundraisers need to stick to at all times.


If you are fundraising at an organised collection:

All Collectors MUST:

  • Be at least 16 years old. (16-17 year olds must be accompanied by a parent or guardian). Under 16s must NOT hold tins or buckets or represent the charity.
  • Have an ID with the Charity name and number on it. This will be issued by the charity on the day for Supporters.
  • Have a sealed tin or bucket with the charity name and number on the tin. If one of the official tins is not available, anything with a sealed lid can be used if it has the charity name and number on it.
  • Avoid this unless it’s absolutely necessary (i.e. the tin is full/stolen)
  • Write the date and location of collection on the tin, so we can submit records for auditing.
  • Return tins to the Treasurer or Team Member in charge of the event with the seal intact and unopened.
  • If collecting in multiple locations (e.g. along a street), stand at least 25m apart.
  • Be aware of how the public can make a complaint – by email to [email protected] or letter to the charity address.

All Collectors MUST NOT:

  • Cause annoyance or disturb anyone. Rattling tins is not illegal, but could be construed as annoying, so avoid it please. Likewise, no music or other potential annoyances.
  • Approach people for a donation – stand still in a set location and let them come to you.
  • Ask people if they would like to donate.
  • Approach any child or vulnerable adult unless it is to make their physical donation easier (i.e.lowering the tin to their level once they make it clear they wish to donate)
  • Block people’s way or obstruct access to anywhere.
  • Smoke whilst collecting or within 25m of the collection.
  • Eat whilst collecting – step away to eat please. Drinking hot or cold drinks is fine.
  • Drink alcohol before or during collection.
  • Swear or use language which could be construed as racist, ageist, sexist or derogatory.
  • Bring dogs – they will not be insured for the event


If you are being sponsored in aid of WMSAR:

Any sponsorship you raise should be collected, and a cheque or postal order to the same amount, along with your sponsorship forms, should be returned as soon as possible to West Mercia SAR (address at the bottom of this page)

Please include your name and address, along with details of what you did, so we can send a Thank-You!


If you are organising your own event:

If you are organising your own event there are some important things you need to be aware of.
Charity fundraising is regulated by law and there’s lots of helpful information in the Legal and Insurance section of
You’ll need to:
• comply with any Institute of Fundraising codes of practice relevant to your event. Find out more at
• get permission from the owner before you collect on private property, including in shops and in pubs
• get a permit or licence from the council if you are collecting or raising money in a public place, street or council land
• speak to your local council before organising a raffle or tombola where tickets will be available before the event – you will need a licence (it’s very easy to get one)
• get a licence before you can sell alcohol at your event (you may wish to ask your local pub to organise the bar for you instead)
• comply with food safety regulations


There is some excellent information on the Institute of Fundraising website.


In any instance, funds raised for the charity should be paid as soon as possible by cheque to 

West Mercia Search & Rescue

c/o RCF Bolt & Nut. Park Lane East, Tipton, West Midlands. DY4 8RF