We are a wholly voluntary group. Nobody in the charity is paid for their time!

We need more volunteers to help us fundraise, run events, drive vehicles and become operational searches.

Volunteer as a fundraiser

If you want to help the charity at events and collections we’d love to have you on-board. Please just complete this simple form:

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Volunteer as an Operational Searcher

We are NOT currently recruiting. Please follow our Facebook page to get  an alert when we open the next recruitment window.

Before you join the team, we think it’s important to realise how much of a commitment it will be – not just from you, but also your families – in both time and money.

First thing first – we are a charity, and all prospective members are expected to contribute towards the fundraising for the charity. We don’t get any money from the government, and we need to raise the £40000 a year it costs to run the team by doing sponsored events, grant writing, talks, collections and appeals. No fundraising = no team.

Foot Team Members

All of our new members must, as their core role, be a foot-team member. We train weekly, on an evening for 3-4 hours, and then on occasional weekends. You will need a car, and be expected to pay for your own fuel to attend training across the region. You don’t need to attend every session, but you will need to attend enough to stay professionally current.

All team members will need to learn some key skills, which we can teach in-house if you do not already have them:

  • Navigation
  • VHF Communication
  • First Aid
  • Search Skills
  • Outdoor Skills
  • Rescue Skills

Water Rescue Members

Additional skills in water rescue, for those members who are interested in it, will come after basic training. Only members who commit to fundraising, land-search and team operations will progress to water rescue since it requires a lot of team commitment and money to help you in return.

Search Dog Handlers 

We do not currently have a search dog team.

Superheroes vs every-day heroes

You don’t need to be super-strong or super-fit to join the team. Not every role is for everyone so we are looking for a range of abilities, backgrounds and strengths. But you do need to be able to walk off-road for a few hours safely, perform chest-compressions for 2 minutes and work as a team member.

Adrenalin Junkies 

Fair warning for anyone expecting blue-lights, fast driving and action: We don’t do that.

We operate at a safe and steady pace with a risk-minimising approach. Whilst we welcome adrenaline junkies, you need to know that you won’t get your kicks from what we do.


We typically train in the centre of the West Mercia region, to make it fair to as many members as possible. You will need to travel to the area around Bridgnorth, Wyre Forest, Kidderminster, Stourport for some of the sessions.

Time Commitment

As an Operational member of the team, you will need to factor in time for:

  • Travel to training and callouts
  • Training
  • Callouts (all times of day and night))
  • Maintenance of personal and team equipment
  • Fundraising days (min 4 per year)

It can add up! The average member gives over 200 bookable hours per year.