Mortgage Advice Bureau – GOLD SUPPORTER

WMSAR welcomes the Mortgage Advice Bureau as a Gold Supporter, in recognition of their donation to support our River Patrols this Year.

"In terms of why we’re supporting WMSAR. The river can obviously be very dangerous and the work you do is hugely vital and worthwhile. Particularly though for us, it’s because a friend of ours fell in the river after a night out earlier this year. He was in the river for over an hour and couldn’t pull himself out, fortunately someone else did. He’s the father of one of the lads in my under 8s football team, physically fit ex-serviceman, so if he can get in to difficulties, any one can. Lending our support to WMSAR, so we can make sure more people stay out of the river and get home safely to their families, is the least we can do."

Rob Brookes: Business Principal