Scott’s Story

Scott is wet, cold and his hand is searing with pain.

He’s been missing over 24 hours and he knows his wife will be panicking.

Blood has stuck his fingers together and his thoughts are muddled. He can’t get up.

He’s taken shelter behind a small hill, but the rain keeps coming and his clothes are soaked.

He’s heard someone calling his name. Or at least he thinks he did. Maybe it was the wind.
There it was again. He summons his energy to call for help, but no sound comes. He feels helpless.

And then torches. Red jackets and people who know his name.

He wants to say thank you. To show his relief. But all he can do is shiver and cry.
They bandage his hand and stop it bleeding. They give him dry clothes and a blanket.

So many of them. They came out of the night. Now there are torches all around and so much energy.

They care for him, talk to him and help him. He feels safe now and knows it’ll be alright.
He forgets to ask their names, but will always remember the red jackets and kind faces.

(Based on a real rescue: Names and identifying details have been changed)