Scott Risk Management

With our Safety Patrols starting on 15th December we welcome Scott Risk Management as sponsors of this years project.
Why we are supporting WMSAR River Patrols:

“At the core of Scott Risk Managements mission, is the belief that Safety Doesn’t Happen By Accident. When it comes to helping businesses to succeed, we utilise the best mix of strategy, technology and resources to deploy measures that ensure a peace of mind outcome. We know all to well than when it comes to outside of work, safety isn’t as easily managed or readily thought of. We have heard time and time again of tragic loss of life and serious injuries that come about due to people getting carried away, disorientated and a little bit over-zealous in their Christmas celebrations. None more so than in Telford and Shrewsbury, where proximity to the River Severn increases the risk of tragic consequences. The WMSAR River Patrols initiative is a great way to help patrolling on the key nights in December, but also ahead of time with their education and awareness campaigning. SRM is incredibly proud to be able to support the initiative this year, in the hope that WMSAR can deploy their volunteer resources to help prevent the unthinkable happening to families at a time of celebration.”
Liam Scott