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Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome to the course
Module 2 Drowning
Unit 1 What is drowning?
Unit 2 How does the body react?
Unit 3 How does the cold affect the body?
Unit 4 Where do drownings occur?
Unit 5 Who is most at risk of drowning?
Module 3 Water and how it behaves
Unit 1 How rivers flow
Unit 2 Lakes and pools
Unit 3 Flood water
Module 4 Hazards in water
Unit 1 Sharp objects
Unit 2 Foot traps
Unit 3 Strainers
Unit 4 Weirs
Unit 5 Disease and infection
Module 5 Safety Precautions
Unit 1 Call for help
Unit 2 Tell someone where you're going
Unit 3 Don't cross flooded streams
Unit 4 Don't go onto ice
Unit 5 Look after your mates
Module 6 Rescue Techniques
Unit 1 Talk
Unit 2 Reach
Unit 3 Throw
Unit 4 999
Module 7 Resuscitation
Unit 1 Resuscitating a drowned person
Unit 2 Congratulations