Edward’s Story

He hasn’t been home in 3 days and he can’t remember how to get there.

He wants to cry out for help, but his throat is dry and he can’t make the words come out.
He’s in the woods. How did he get here? He can’t remember and he’s terrified.

Death is closing in on him and he doesn’t know what to do. So he lays still.
His body temperature drops and his heart-rate slows.
He thinks about his wife, Elsie, dancing. He misses her greatly.

She is with us whilst our teams are out searching.
Hundreds of acres covered before we spot him.

A flurry of activity and an ambulance requested.
He feels confused, but relieved, help is here.

We check him and protect him, carry him out.

Elsie sees him as the ambulance arrives.
They travel to hospital together holding hands.

We pack up, get changed and go to work for the day.


(Based on a real rescue: Names and identifying details have been changed)