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Feel free to copy and paste this, make changes which are specific to your company and your beliefs, and use it as a press release.

MY COMPANY supports local Search & Rescue charity

MY COMPANY has today chosen to support a local life-saving charity by providing WHAT DID YOU PROVIDE.

West Mercia Search & Rescue is the region’s voluntary rescue team, supporting the emergency services in missing-person search, river rescue and flood rescue.

As a small charity, West Mercia SAR faces competition from the 1.5% of large national charities which take 72% of all donations in the UK, and appealed to local businesses for support.

MY COMPANY chose to support locally after YOUR NAME was introduced to the charity.

YOUR NAME said (this is an example, change as needed) “I read about the work that WMSAR are doing in finding missing vulnerable people, and with personal experience of someone with dementia, I wanted to give something back and support these unsung heroes”.

West Mercia SAR has been called out to search for missing people over 80 times in the last 2 years and receives no funding from the government or emergency services for its services.

All team members are volunteers, so as a small charity all donations go towards providing that service, rather than paying wages.

MY COMPANY is a business based in PLACE which WHAT DO YOU DO. As an important part of the local community, we wanted to make sure our donation stayed locally and made more of a relative difference.


Notes for editors:
Photo library (all credits to West Mercia SAR please) at www.flickr.com/photos/wmsar

More information on the charity at www.westmerciasar.org.uk

More information on MY COMPANY at www.