Recruitment – Thanks

Thank you for completing our recruitment form.

Please be aware that we do NOT reply to individual applications, and you won’t hear from us until our next recruitment phase. We generally recruit 2-3 times a year depending on funding and availability of our training team.

In the meanwhile, please consider:

  1. Liking our facebook page and sharing with your friends.
  2. Promoting the charity to your business so we can build more sustainable corporate funding
  3. Fundraising for the charity, or encouraging others to consider us rather than larger charities when they fundraise.
  4. Preparing yourself by getting fitter, taking swimming lessons, learning to tie knots*, doing a 1st-aid course or learning to navigate with map and compass.

*You will need to know the figure-8 knot, the munter hitch knot and the alpine butterfly knot.

It’s great to have you on board, and just to repeat… please bear with us for a reply.