Lowland Rescue Water Kit Trailer Rental

West Mercia Search & Rescue is custodian of the Association of Lowland Search & Rescue Water Kit Trailer. This page can be used by Association Member Teams to book use of the trailer. Loan agreements are between the Association and the unit which is renting the equipment.

Equipment Loan Agreement
As you can appreciate it is very important that we maintain this equipment in the very best condition whilst making it available to all ALSAR Units. With that in mind all equipment that is loaned from the central pool is done so under the following terms and conditions:

All applications for the loan of Training equipment are to be sent using the form below. In the event that the form is not working, please email [email protected]

Operational equipment will not be made available for training.

All kit is stored in Shifnal, Telford and will need collecting and returning there.

– Operational
The equipment shall be loaned for the length of the Operation including a period of no longer that 5 Days after the operation ceases to allow for Drying, Cleaning and maintenance.

The borrowing unit must keep WMSAR informed regarding the operational loan period.

To request the Operational Kit, please email [email protected] or in an emergency ONLY call 07010044215 (24/7)

The Operational Kit is supplied in bags, not the trailer.

– Training
The equipment shall be loaned for no more than a 10 Day period.
The loan period may be extended by mutual consent.
No variation or amendment of this agreement will be effective unless it is made in writing, this can be by email.

The borrower must arrange a mutually convenient time to collect the equipment on the first day of the loan period and to return it on the last day of the loan period.
The Training equipment is now supplied with a trailer which has a De–Humidifier and rails enabling the equipment to be hung up and dried whilst with units

  • Trailer Model Brenderup 7260TB
  • Gross Weight 2000kg
  • Carrying Capacity 1350kg
  • Internal Dimensions 260 x 153 x 185 cm (L x W x H)
  • Overall Dimensions 405 x 204 x 240 cm (L x W x H)

Please ensure that you send a suitable vehicle and the driver has the appropriate licence

The equipment is to be loaned for a fee of £100 per borrowing to cover the cost of routine maintenance. Payment is direct to the Association after rental has completed.

Title and Risk
Title and all rights to the equipment shall at all times remain with the Association.

WMSAR will use best endeavours to check to ensure it is fit for purpose prior to collection but teams MUST check equipment before personnel deploy with it. WMSAR accepts no liability for kit condition.

Risk of any loss or damage to the equipment will become the responsibility of the borrowing unit upon it leaving WMSAR depot and shall not revert back to the owner until the equipment is back at the WMSAR depot.

The borrowing unit will ensure that the equipment borrowed is only used for the Training or Operation connected to Lowland Search and Rescue

The equipment should be returned appropriately cleaned at the end of the loan period to ensure we prolong the life of the equipment and avoid risk of cross contamination.

The Borrowing Unit undertakings
The Unit borrowing the equipment agrees that during the loan period it shall:

  • Keep the equipment in its possession and control and ensure that it is secure
    against loss, damage and theft
  • Operate the equipment in accordance with any operating instructions issued for
    it and for the purpose it was designed.
  • Ensure that the equipment is used:
  • Training Equipment – under the direction by an appropriately skilled and
    trained member
  • Operational Equipment – by an appropriately skilled and trained member
  • Any required maintenance and repair of equipment shall be performed by
    approved personnel/agency.
  • Ensure that relevant Health and Safety regulations are met at all times
  • Keep the equipment in good working order, fair wear and tear excepted
  • Ensure that identification marks or labels on the equipment are not removed,
    defaced, amended, and obscured including those which identify the equipment as belonging to ALSAR
  • The equipment will not be modified in any shape or form

In the event of the equipment being lost or damaged:

  • The borrowing unit agrees to pay the replacement cost.
  • The borrowing unit is to ensure that the loan items are covered under their
    insurance, if this is not the case they are required to take out additional

Booking Form for Water Training Kit Trailer

Please select the days you need the trailer (including collection and return days) below:

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