Kayak SAR Team

If you hold the certificates mentioned below, have your own car and can attend callouts across the West Mercia region, then we might have a place for you to join our amazing water-rescue team.

You will need to pass a Police vetting check (not the same as a DBS).

Our Kayak SAR Team works alongside our Swiftwater Rescue and Land Search teams to provide safety cover, search for missing persons, and support during flooding incidents. There will be opportunities to train as a full water-rescue technician for those who show long-term commitment.


  1. BC 3*WW Kayak or new BC Kayak White Water Award– We ask for this because we often operate in tight windy rivers where you need to effortlessly manoeuvre in and around trees and strainers while keeping safe and searching effectively as part of your deployed team.
  2. Would pass a police vetting check NPPV1 (Similar to DBS).
  3. Have your own transport and pay your own fuel and running costs.
  4. Work well in a team and can follow instructions.
  5. Be discreet.
  6. Be willing to take part in fundraising activities as we are a charity and need to raise funds.

If you are interested, and want to know more then please

  • Have a good read of our website and facebook page
  • Email [email protected] giving some background details of any relevant skills or qualifications you already have.