How We Work

Information for the Public

WMSAR is activated by the emergency services when they need specialist help with a missing person, or persons in danger from the elements (inc. Flooding). You cannot call WMSAR directly in an emergency.

If you would like WMSAR to help at your event, contact us.


Information for Police Officers

IMG_3083WMSAR can be activated by any POLSA or Force Control Room. We have the capability to create a bespoke search plan based on the missing-person’s information, and deploy search teams on land, riverbank or waterways. We have 4×4 vehicles, quad-bikes, and a self-contained Command vehicle.

As we are a part of Lowland Rescue and the UKSAR infrastructure, we can call in additional assets from search dogs and foot teams across the UK.


Information for Fire Crews

worcester5WMSAR has an MOU with both Hereford & Worcester FRS, and Shropshire FRS for deployment in any water-based emergency. FRS Control Rooms can call us directly and we can respond with DEFRA Type B boat teams, or DEFRA Type C Swiftwater Rescue teams.

We have 4 boats, a rescue sled, 2 floating bridges and many other rescue assets.


Information for Ambulance Crews
SAP_9325 copyWMSAR is a part of the UKSAR infrastructure, and as such our job is to stabilise any casualty until your medical teams arrive. In the event that they are in a position which would worsen their situation or become dangerous, we train to move them to a safer location properly.

For a remote (wilderness/forest/farmland) casualty, our teams will help get you and your equipment to the casualty, and the casualty to your vehicle under your direction.

As pre-hospital care providers, WMSAR will issue all casualties a Lowland Rescue standard PRF, which will be handed to ambulance staff upon transfer.

WMSAR members vary between FAW and FPOS-i, and do not have the authority to administer drugs.