Throwlines and life-saving products

If you live or work near water, there are three important pieces of life-saving equipment you can purchase.

Reaching pole

If someone goes in to the water they will usually be near the bank, and quite often unable to get themselves out if that bank is slippery or steep. A simple reaching pole gives them something to grab hold of, whilst being safe for you to use and not get pulled in.

We recommend this one:


A bag of rope which you can throw out to someone who has fallen in the water, or is in difficulty, and gently haul them back in to the bank. A throwline is extremely easy to use, is carried by all rescue teams, and is proven to save lives.

We recommend this one:


If you have a permanant place to mount one (a wall, fence or shed-side is ideal) then a heavier lifebuoy can save someone who has fallen in the water. It weighs around 2.5kg so can be thrown easily, and comes with a rope attached so you can pull someone in to safety easily.

We recommend this one: