How we use your donations

We want you to know where your donations are going and how they are used. We believe that every penny should make a difference; and so here is why…

There are over 150,000 charities in the UK which are effectively competing against each other for public donations. We are strong believers in promoting the benefits of donating to local charities with lower overheads and a direct effect on your community.

Our Chair of Trustees says “I wouldn’t give money to a charity which didn’t make it clear where my money would be used, so I want to make sure that you – our supporters – have every confidence that your donations will be spent on providing a better service to the vulnerable people in your areas. We will facilitate full transparency on our expenditure via this website and the Charities Commission.”

Our accounts and income for the last few years are legally documented on the Charities Commission website, click here.

Our income for 2015-16 was £46,821.
£7485 of that came from paid event cover, first-aid, marshalling and money earned from providing some sort of service by our members. £23,681 came from a grant to provide water training and safety gear for 2016-19. The remainder came from donations from the public and our own members and is used to meet our costs of existence.

Those monthly costs average out at:

a) Public, Products, Medical Liability Insurance £273
b) Average fuel bill £145
c) Storage unit £600
d) Average Electric bill £20
e) Boat insurance £50
f) Pagers £25
g) Call-outs admin system £63
h) Rates (discounted) £14
i) Vehicles insurance £326
j) Vehicles tax £50
k) Vehicles service/maintenance £60
Monthly Total £1,626
Annual Total £19,512

Our expenditure in the 2015-16 period was greater than our income due to a number of projects to replace ageing vehicles and equipment.

You will notice that the charity has no staff, pays no expenses and doesn’t provide money to members for their kit.

If you have any questions on our charity transparency, please don’t hesitate to contact us.