What we do

Our fundraising goes towards training, equipping and maintaining a team of specialist civilian rescuers who can operate on land and water across our region.

We are an independent agency which is part of the UK Search & Rescue Framework, and referenced in the Civil Contingencies Act.

We find and save people in danger from

  • Dementia, including Alzheimers
  • Suicide attempts
  • Lack of medication
  • Learning difficulties
  • Mental health problems
  • Physical injuries away from help


Foot Search

We train our members in navigation and search techniques so they can maximise the chances of finding someone quickly in woodland, farmland, suburban areas and even towns. We use scientific techniques to demonstrate how people can use their eyes and brains and see more than an average person would in any given situation.

Our teams can be deployed day or night and are self-sufficient in advanced first-aid, casualty extraction, body recovery and crime-scene awareness.

Water Search

We have a fleet of 5 inflatable powerboats which we use to search major waterways such as the River Severn and Wye. These boats provide a stable and fast rescue-platform to support flooding operations too.

We also have a fleet of kayaks and rescue rafts to search smaller waterways and provide safety cover for bankside search teams.

Air Search

We are developing a drone team to help scan large areas quickly for missing people. We have qualified pilots and drones in-house who are working towards national recognition in this area.

Quad-Bike Search

We are pioneering the use of quad-bikes for rapid search of large areas such as field-margins and long tracks. We have 2 bikes in the team and are producing research in to their best-use.

Incident Command

We have self-contained Incident Command vehicles and a secure digital communications network so we can manage large-scale operations without needing to drain police resources. We also have full UK mapping and satellite imagery, and databases of behavioural statistics to manage searches with.